OHC Main Line Modification Works, Port Elizabeth, South Africa

Client: SAMCOR / Ford Motor Company


Duration: 18 weeks design & manufacture, 2 weeks installation & commissioning

Modification works to existing CVH Engine Main assembly line to suit revised sequence of assembly operations and new machine tooling to accommodate the production of the new S-OHC engine.

As part of this project CSL designed, manufactured and installed an engine block turnover unit. This unit needed to clamp and elevate the engine before rotating it through 180 degrees and lowering it back onto the platen again.

Additional equipment that was designed, manufactured and installed to as part of this project included a 300mm lift unit, 180 degree lift and rotate unit, two block turnover units and a range of modification packages to modify the existing line.


Zetec Assembly Line, After Test Dress Area Upgrade, Bridgend, South Wales

Client: Ford Motor Company


Duration: 5 working days

Modification works to the existing After Test Dress Area for the Zetec line to extend the line and allow the insertion of new machinery whilst maintaining access and communication aisles, involving the removal and repositioning of the operating stations along with their associated electrics, control panels, mimic panels and stops on the line.


CVH Assembly Line Dismantle and Re-installation, Port Elizabeth, South Africa

Client: SAMCOR/Ford

Date: 1995

Duration: 12 weeks (Dismantle, Reinstall and Commission) 3 weeks (Shipping)

Removal of complete engine assembly line and subsequent re-installation in South Africa to meet client's requirements to utilise more cost effective labour. This was the first time a complete engine assembly line has been moved in this way.


Dragon Project - Head Line Strip Out, Dagenham, Essex

Client: Ford Motor Company

Date: 1996

Duration: 8 weeks

Strip out of the existing headline from Dagenham for storage ready for shipment to China Care was taken to ensure that all the associated equipment for the units were removed and stored with each unit prior to pallitisation and packaging.